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blowout hair styling salon Tampa

At Mooi Salon and Spa in Tampa, Florida, we understand that salon styling is essential to any hair service. Our experienced stylists use the latest techniques and products to reduce hair frizz, emphasize hair shine, and create the desired look. We guarantee that you will love your new look.


Salon styling, a blowout, is vital to any hair service. It reduces hair frizz, emphasizes hair shine, and creates the desired look. ​The price may vary depending on the hair’s length and thickness. 

From $40

It's an add-on service and can't be booked as a single service. A flat iron will provide immediate frizz reduction, while a curling iron adds volume to your hair with effortless curls and waves.

From $20

Hair Braiding is not just for fashion. Wearing braids protect natural hair from heat damage and humidity.

From $95

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